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Just before my YouTube channel was dinged for showing instructional content pertaining to the creation of firearms, I was sent a gun safe to review by WINCENT. Typically I didn’t do reviews on my channel, but I had been looking for a pistol safe anyway so it seemed serendipitous and I decided to give their safe a shot.

The unit I was given was from Amazon and not the company directly. This means it wasn’t a hand picked sample, but it is still only a sample of one.

Let’s start with the features and my first impressions:

First Impressions

The WINCENT biometric gun safe features a fingerprint scanner and key lock in a slim package. The safe is made of a steel coated in a “anti-rust and scratch resistant” black coating. When I first picked it up I was surprised by the heft for such a slim safe, which gave me confidence about it’s anti-theft claims. It doesn’t feel like flimsy sheet steel, but rather a pretty thick gauge.

The box came with instructions, two keys and a steel cable for tethering the safe. This would be good for tying the safe down in a vehicle if you’re into that kind of thing.


The fingerprint scanner is easy enough to program and accurate when in use. They recommend scanning your fingers multiple times to ensure it can read from all angles. When comparing to my iphone’s fingerprint scanner the setup was more tedious, requiring me to take some 10-15 measurements before I was satisfied with the accuracy from off angles, but is just as accurate as the iphone scanner once that was done.

Inside there’s an LED light and egg carton like foam padding on the bottom and a thinner, but firm padding along the lid. With the padding all around I’d feel pretty confident my firearm’s finish wouldn’t get marred up inside. There’s also an LED light inside which illuminates your grip, a feature that I much appreciate for low light use.

Next up we have the size: exterior dimensions are 11.8”*7.9”*2.3”, and interior dimensions are 8.7‘’*7.8‘’*2.2‘’. This is just large enough to hold a full size pistol such as a Glock 17 with an optic. Something I tested and found to work well. Unfortunately it’s not big enough to allow a threaded barrel or a weapon mounted light, the latter of which I run on my EDC and is a must have.


Ultimately, I do recommend this safe. It appears to be well built, works well for quick access and will fit a wide range of handguns. However personally, as I’ve mentioned above I won’t be using it myself. I’ll need something a little bit bigger so my DR920 with X300 will fit. That being said, I was impressed enough with the case to decide to gift it to a family member who carries a shield 380 EZ, and I have full faith that the safe will work well for their setup.

If you have a compact pistol, or a full size but no weapon light or extended barrel, the WINCENT gun safe is well worth your consideration. They can be purchased for $80 (at the time of this writing) on Amazon by clicking this (non affiliate) link: