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EDIT: I’ve since been banned from Deterrence Dispensed. This and other issues I’ve realized with the group as I’ve been around the 3D printed firearm scene longer lead me to no longer recommend joining Deterrence Dispensed. I recommend joining AWCY? instead. I won’t go into the details of my ban or those issues publicly so as not to bad mouth their group publicly. But, given this info clearly I’m not donating to them anymore. I now focus most of my funds towards supporting projects like Plastic Bank and promoting independent firearms designers.

You may have noticed on my product pages that I donate 10% of profit to Deterrence Dispensed. It’s, in my opinion, the most important group I’m donating to.

Without Deterrence Dispensed, Gunny McGunsmith wouldn’t be here.

Here’s why I donate to them and why they’re so important.

What is Deterrence Dispensed?

Deterrence Dispensed
One of the logos provided by the ~1000 members in the community

Deterrence Dispensed is a decentralized group of enthusiasts committed to furthering 3D printing and other DIY firearms manufacturing methods. In other words they develop firearms and gun parts that you can make, somewhat easily, in your own home.

Best of all, you don’t need an expensive setup to make designs published by the group.

The group was born from the movement that Defense Distributed started, but features no formal leadership. There are of course some bright minds within, which frequently post files, but as a whole it’s just a community of guys all dedicated to the same cause.

How I fit in to Deterrence Dispensed

I was lucky enough to come across Deterrence Dispensed before they were banned from Reddit. (It’s a long story, but basically, we upset a senator by naming magazines after him.)

I was fortunate to join pre-ban as I likely wouldn’t have found my way to the group otherwise. Once I saw what they were doing I quickly threw one of the files (a g17 frame) onto my printer. It printed smooth as butter and I was hooked.

Fast forward a month and I bought myself some calipers, started learning Fusion 360, and started working on editing and creating my own models.

First I started by editing that G17 frame to feel better in my hands. Then, as my understanding of Fusion 360 grew, I started to work on creating my own designs ranging from modeling the internals of some of the curios and relics I own to creating +2 extensions for Glock magazines (still in testing).

I’ve found the group to be welcoming, containing a wealth of knowledge that they’re eager to share. Thanks to their willingness to share knowledge and my willingness to learn, I quickly knew I was in a good group for the long haul.

Why I donate 10% to them

So, let’s circle back around to why I donate 10% of my profits to the group.

There are 2 main reasons:

  1. Some of the designs on this site are actually provided by other members of the group.
  2. Even the designs I’ve made myself are often tested by individuals within the group, and wouldn’t be a reality if others didn’t help me learn the tools of the trade.

Let’s discuss each in a bit more depth too as one sentence really doesn’t do it justice.

Using Designs Provided by Others

All designs released by Deterrence Dispensed are provided under a completely open-source license. No copyright, and no restrictions on what you can do with them. This goes towards one of the groups core beliefs which is that copyright is theft.

Still, even though I can use these files without being obliged to do anything to support the group, I felt it only fair that the individuals who put in all their hard work be compensated in some way for the sales made here.

After all, I may be paying for the hosting and marketing, but they still made it happen!

A few product designs that I’m currently selling, or will soon sell, which belong to others include:

How the group has helped with my homebrew designs

Even designs which are my own have benefited big time from the guys within Deterrence Dispensed. Take the +2 mag extension for 9mm glock magazines I’m currently working on.

I’ve had 3 guys within the group help test it out by printing it and using it with their own pistols, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes me to bring them to market. (Unfortunately I can’t go shooting every weekend!)

And, while I’ve not received any donations from the group for my projects, others within the group are more than willing to donate to projects they want to see completed such as Jstark1809’s FGC-9

And, this doesn’t even include the countless bits of advice and knowledge I’ve gotten from members of the group that know more about 3D printing, CAD, or material strength than I do.

How can you join and/or support Deterrence Dispensed?

If you’re reading this and wondering how you can join Deterrence Dispensed, we’re currently mainly located on Keybase. You can join by downloading the app, then searching for the team for Deterrence Dispensed.

If you want to support, joining is a great start. I’d keep an eye out for announcements for podcast appearances, Reddit posts, and other PR type actions members are taking. When something like that is posted, a quick way to cast support is to upvote, comment, and just give a view count.

Taking things a step further, you could donate to the group with bitbacker. You can also help spread the word at a local gun range or show.

Finally, you can always buy things from here knowing that 10% of profit goes to the group.


  • Deterrence Dispensed is an awesome group of people supporting DIY gun and gun part creation including but not limited to 3D Printing.
  • I support them because they made this happen by giving knowledge and designs away for free and testing things I make
  • You can support to by buying from my online store, donating directly, joining, and spreading the word.