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GMCG Arms Glock Magazine Extension (Download)






Gunny McGunsmith




When building Ivanthetroll’s Menendez Mags I mistakenly ordered extra power springs. Rather than order regular springs like any rational human being, I decided to design mag extensions. In the process I remixed the original Menendez baseplates to work with OEM mags as well.

There are 2 versions of the extensions. V1 is the original smooth design and V2 is the revised design. V2 is smaller and features a locking tab for the rear. Additionally, it features cut outs along the side to assist with removing magazines from mag pouches or magwells.

What You’ll Need:

  • PLA or PETG. I originally designed and did the bulk of testing in PETG due to PETG’s flexibility being better for interfacing with the OEM glock mag locking tabs.
  • A printer capable of printing PLA or PETG. I used the Ender 3.
  • An appropriate Glock mag spring (+10%/+13% for the extension, OEM for the baseplate).
  • Glock magazine body and follower of your choice (can be OEM or Menendez). If using the non-extended baseplate, an OEM or Menendez locking tab.

Print Settings

  • Print on the front of the extension/baseplate.
  • Supports: touching bed only
  • Layer height: anything from .12 to .32 works
  • Shells (aka perimeters): 10 inner/outer (this is probably not necessary, but I tend to go overboard on strength.)
  • The only issue currently with the design is that it doesn’t work when using my Glock Magwell. I’m working on a redesign which should fix the issue.

Don’t have a printer?

Order a Glock 9mm Magazine Extension in your favorite color here.

Installation Instructions


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Black, Carmine Red, Space Gray, Semi-transparent Green, Blue, Orange (Limited Quantity)


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