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3D Printed AK74 Magazine: 15 Round Capacity (Download)




This 3D printed AK74 magazine was created by DJLaunchCodes in October 2020.

Print settings and assembly (can also be found in the readme):

Printing: print all parts at 100% infill, with supports.

Assembly: Each 3D printed AK74 magazine requires half of a standard 30-round spring to function. The follower and spring guide are modeled directly off a Bulgarian polymer magazine,
but any 5.45 spring should work. You do not have to use the included notches to retain the spring to the follower/guide, but they are included for your convenience.
Use any superglue to affix the follower roof to the follower, these were designed as separate parts to improve print quality.

NOTE: Autodesk .ipt files can be opened and edited in solidworks, solidworks will need to convert them first.


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