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12 Gauge Shotgun Follower (Download)





Gunny McGunsmith




This contains a universal 12 gauge follower based on my original Mossberg followers. This design has been tested in a remington 870, mossberg 500, and winchester 1200, but should fit in any modern tube fed shotgun. The follower is designed slightly longer than OEM followers to prevent binding without reducing mag capacity. Additionally it features a hole in the top to both make removal of supports easier and provide a tactile indicator of an empty tube for low light scenarios.

What You’ll Need:

  • PLA or PETG. I’ve tested in both, but I use PETG as in my (unscientific) testing it holds up to gun oils and solvents while PLA can begin to break down. Any non-flexible filament should work fine.
  • A printer capable of printing PLA (or the plastic you choose to use). The Creality Ender 3 is capable of printing these.

Print Settings

  • Print standing with the opening for the spring facing the print bed.
  • Supports on (tree preferred).
  • No brim.
  • Occasionally, an over-extrusion along the followers outer wall will prevent it from entering the tube. Trim these off with a sharp blade.
  • Old versions of this follower may have required slight sanding to fit if your printer isn’t perfectly calibrated. This version should remedy that, but you may still need light sanding if you’re way out of spec.

Don’t have a printer?

Order a 12 gauge follower in your favorite color here.


Additional information


Black, Space Gray, Carmine Red, Semi-transparent Green, Blue, Orange (Limited Quantity)


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