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Glock Magwell (Competition Style) Fits Gen 1-3 | Gunny McGunsmith
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3D Printed Flared Magwell for Glock Pistols: Fits Gen 1-3 G17, G17L, G19, G22, G24, G31, G34, G35, and G37




Note: we’ve recently completed a major overhaul for the design of our 3D Printed Glock Magwells. This involved a ground up redesign with extensive testing to improve durability (the prior design broke when firing +p+ rounds) and comfort. The images on this page still reflect the old design, with exception of the silver rendering at the end of the product gallery. New images are coming soon!

Improve your magazine reloading speed and success rate with the Gunny McGunsmith 3D Printed Glock Magwell. Designed as a hybrid magwell for both competition and EDC/CCW use, this magwell will feel at home in 3gun, USPSA, and your holster.

Dollar for Dollar the Best Glock Magwell

Countless hours of testing, iterative design, and thought combined to bring not only one of the most affordable magwells to market, but one of the best. With a minimal design that’s beveled around the top edge, it won’t impact your grip. Add to that the lightweight polymer and lack of need for frame modifications, and you get a Glock magwell that won’t affect your ergonomics. This is a huge plus for competitive shooters.

The ramp angle and position was specifically chosen to both aid in reloading speed and maximize compatibility with magazine extensions. Add to that a design that’s no thicker than the pistol frame itself, and you’ll find that it’s highly effective for defensive use.

One Piece, Tool-Less Install

Unlike other magwells, the Gunny McGunsmith 3D printed Glock Magwell is a true drop in install. After testing multiple polymers, we’ve settled on a specific producer of PETG which is flexible enough, yet durable enough to be used in a pressure fit design. Simply slide the magwell into your grip and you’re good to go. The PETG will give just enough to install, but remain stiff enough during use that it won’t slip out. Additionally, it’ll be durable, have high chemical resistance, and won’t give you trouble with temperature.

Personalize Your Glock

Lastly, thanks to being custom made to order, you can pick from a wide variety of colors. These include transparent and semi transparent choices, bright colors (for color coordinated builds) and subdued earth tones + black for a duty or carry pistol. Simply name the color and chances are I can print it up for you! If the color you want isn’t listed here on this page, then send me an email and I’ll work to source the color.

Shipping times will vary based on color chosen. If I have the color in stock, I’ll be able to print and ship in 1-2 business days. Feel free to email contact@gunnymcgunsmith.com and ask what I have in stock and request a color not currently offered.


  • Add flare to your pistol with a wide variety of color and finishes from black to translucent yellow.
  • Manufactured (not just assembled) in the USA using 3D printing technology with a lightweight, durable, and smooth looking PETG polymer.
  • Reload magazines with speed and ease thanks to the extra large ramp area. Perfect for competition shooting such as 3gun and USPSA.
  • Fits Generation 1, 2, and 3 Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, and 37 pistols (Poly80 frames too) via a simple pressure fit function. No tools needed!
  • Fits Gen 4 frames without the backstrap. Does not fit gen 5.
  • 10% of each purchase is donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a further 10% is donated to Deterrence Dispensed, and a final 10% to the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Tool-less install using pressure fit design allows you to have it on in seconds, and off just as fast


  • Weight: 0.9 ounces (24 grams) NOTE: this may be the weight measurement for the old design. As we’re continuing to refine the design, this number may change.
  • Polymer Type: PETG (Flexible enough for this application, strong chemical resistance, and good heat tolerance)

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1.65 × 1.25 in

Black, Space Gray, Carmine Red, Semi-transparent Green, Blue, Orange (Limited Quantity)


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