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The site’s started to pick up some relatively regular traffic now, and I figured just in case some of you were checking back here regularly, I’d throw this update out here.

YouTube + GunStreamer

First and foremost, I just setup a YouTube and GunStreamer. I’ll be using these to share both tutorial/installation videos as well as promotional and build videos.

Accepting Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Next, I wanted to talk briefly about accepting credit cards/debit cards on the website. If you’ve poked around the shop, you’ll notice that currently I only accept bitcoin. This is because none of the usual merchant service providers want anything to do with gun related businesses, let alone 3D printed gun businesses.

There are a couple of ways around this. First, I could try putting products on Etsy. Second is to get a pro 2A merchant services provider. The trouble is that they can be pricey, which is why I haven’t gone that route yet.

However, despite the cost, I’m gambling that leading into the holidays I’ll be able to generate enough sales to cover that cost. So, look for credit card and debit card payment options coming soon. Additionally, I’ll put up an Etsy shop because why not.

More Blog Posts!

Another point I wanted to cover was the lull in blog posts. I just had my second kid and moved to a new place on top of that so life was a bit hectic. However, behind the scenes I’ve still been working on both more articles/blog posts and more designs.

I actually have a ~3000 word piece which may be published in Gun Tests sometime soon! 😀

Rest assured, my schedule is beginning to get back to normal and I’ll get some fresh content on the blog by the end of this week!

Expect new products for sale in time for holidays

Title’s pretty self explanatory on this one. I’ll be releasing new products for sale in time for holidays. This may extend to new designs or just be the sale of parts already part of release 1.0. Either way, keep your eyes peeled!

Printer Upgrades = More/Better Polymers

I’ve spent a fair bit of time and money upgrading my printing setup, and should be able to start experimenting with Nylons. If all goes well, I plan to shift most parts from the current PLA and PETG over to Nylon prints for the added strength/durability.

Switching Away From Free Shipping

Lastly, I’ve given away a few parts on Reddit and in the process have discovered that shipping isn’t as cheap as I was hoping. As a result, I’m going to be changing my offering from free shipping on all products to a flat rate of $4 per order within the next week or so.

That’s it. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter (with the form below) for updates on when new products and designs drop as well as when I release new content.