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EDIT: I’ve since been banned from Deterrence Dispensed. This and other issues I’ve realized with the group as I’ve been around the 3D printed firearm scene longer lead me to no longer recommend joining Deterrence Dispensed. I recommend joining AWCY? instead. I won’t go into the details of my ban or those issues publicly so as not to bad mouth their group publicly. Given my ban, I don’t know what they’re working on. Consider this blog post depreciated.

This is just a quick list of the projects that I know are being worked on in Deterrence Dispensed. I’m hoping that by having this list we can foster more collaboration, and create more designs overall. If you’re a member and you’ve got a 3D printed gun part or gun you’re working on, let me know! You can find me on the Deterrence Dispensed Keybase as WindowsTheOS.

One of the Work in Progress Projects by Deterrence Defensed, a Glock Magwell Adapter for AR15s
458socom’s AR15 Glock Magwell Adapter, currently in the beta testing phase.

Feel free to reach out as well if you think of better ways to organize the list. I’ll be updating it at least once a week if not more frequently.


These projects are currently in the sketching/Design phase. This means there’s no printable prototype yet, but work has already begun within a CAD.

  • 8 shot .38 Special/.380 ACP Washbear Design – Jstark?
  • Mossberg 500 Pistol Grip – me
  • Remington Model 11 Stock – me
  • 3D printable 12 Gauge Detachable Magazines – Multiple Designers


These projects are in the prototyping stage, they’ve been printed at least once, but have seen limited or no testing and likely need more edits before they fit and function properly.

  • The “BW Loader” Ejection port loader – boostwillis (soon to be beta)
  • Plastikov (AK 7.62×39) – IvanTheTroll
  • Mossberg 500 safety that extends down the frame for pistol grip use – me
  • Remington 870 followers – me
  • Star +5 or 6 – 5starownage
Mac Daddy currently being tested by FreeMenDontAsk

Beta Testing

These projects have already seen testing by their designers and perhaps others. In this stage, the files are given by request to test for reliability purposes as they’ve already been confirmed for fit and function.

  • AR-15 Glock magwell adapter – 458socom
  • Remington Model 11 Forend – me
  • Remington Model 11 follower – me
  • Mac Daddy (Mac 11/9) – FreeMenDontAsk
  • PolyPlinker (AR15-22) – point9cmbenis
  • Abominable Skorpion – imostlylurk
  • Tokarev +3 extension – imostlylurk

Ready for Release

These projects have been tested and found reliable. They are only awaiting things such as a release video, read me, or other supplementary material.

  • FGC-9 (Mostly 3D printed 9mm Carbine) – Ivan + Jstark
  • 9MM suppressor baffles for NAPA fuel filters – Jstark?

Abandoned/Paused Projects

These are projects who’s designer hasn’t posted an update in a while or have been put on pause by an otherwise active designer.

  • I’m not aware of anything here.